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Public Safety

In the last couple of years, Tallahassee has unfortunately witnessed a concerning uptick in violent crime. Ensuring the safety and security of our families must be a priority, and we must take action to address the issue head on. 

Rudy's extensive experience working alongside law enforcement over the years has provided valuable insights into today's challenges as we fight against increasing violent crime in our community.


Rudy will continue to work with our first responders, invest in youth outreach, support community-oriented policing strategies, build trust, while prioritizing transparency and accountability. 


Rudy is deeply committed to addressing homelessness in our community with a multifaceted approach that emphasizes compassion, law enforcement, stable housing, and support for our non-profit organizations. 

While it's essential to provide support and care for our residents who have fallen into homelessness, it's equally vital to approach this issue with a balanced perspective. Our policies should not encourage migration of a new homeless population into our town, which will strain our existing resources and impede our ability to effectively address the needs of those already struggling with homelessness. Rudy is for implementing comprehensive policies that combine both short-term and long-term strategies to effectively address homelessness.


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Rudy's vision for our neighborhoods is about fostering a sense of community that is inclusive, proud, and deeply engaged. He believes in the power of active community engagement, where residents have a voice in shaping the development of their neighborhoods and infrastructure projects, as well as instilling a profound sense of ownership and pride.


Rudy is dedicated to maintaining resilient infrastructure that not only ensures safety but also supports a vibrant community. This includes accessible public spaces, sustainable initiatives, and responsible development that preserves the unique character of each neighborhood. Rudy strives to establish communities where residents have a voice in decision-making process.

Parks, Trails and Environmental Advocacy

Rudy's vision encompasses the broader principles of environmental stewardship, ensuring that our community thrives in harmony with its natural surroundings. His is committed to preserve our renowned natural spaces, such as nationally recognized parks, urban forests, picturesque canopy roads, lakes, and fresh water sources. He is dedicated to the preservation and expansion of our trails, ensuring they remain accessible to our residents to enjoy the outdoors and embrace healthier lifestyles. Moreover, he recognizes the vital role of urban forests in enhancing air quality, providing shade, and overall well-being.


Beyond these specific areas, Rudy's dedication to preserve our natural resources goes beyond policy; it forms the bedrock of his vision for our neighborhoods, nurturing a future that is not only healthier but also more sustainable for all.

Business Colleagues

Business Community & Economic Development

Rudy is dedicated to cultivating a business-friendly environment in Tallahassee. He understands that a thriving local economy is not only beneficial for businesses but also for residents. By creating a supportive and enabling environment for businesses, he aims to stimulate economic growth, job creation, and entrepreneurship, all of which contribute to the overall well-being of our community.


Rudy is a passionate advocate for empowering small businesses through providing essential resources, improved financial access, and valuable mentorship. Furthermore, Rudy actively promotes innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge technology, firmly believing in the technological transformation to compete in global economy.  

In urban planning, Rudy's approach revolves around promoting smart growth. This strategy involves sustainable urban planning initiatives, ensuring minimimal negative environmental impacts and maximizes long-term sustainability. Rudy is committed to preserving the unique character and identity of our neighborhoods, safeguarding their cultural and historical significance while enhancing their vitality.

Affordable Housing

 Rudy supports policies that facilitate the development of affordable housing options, ensuring that residents have access to stable and reasonably priced homes. At the same time, Rudy aims to tacke the pressing issues of low housing stock and rising construction costs to mitigate their impact on affortable housing. He encourages the use of cost-effective construction practices, encouraging innovative approaches in both the construction industry and City's permit review process to make housing more affordable without compromising quality and safety.

Rudy believes in long-term urban planning that anticipates the need for affordable housing as the community grows, ensuring that housing options will remain accessible and affordable.

Modern Housing

Effective Leadership

While some politicians prioritize making noise, pretending to be angry and fighting, a closer look into their track records often reveals a lack of achievements for our community.


Rudy, on the contrary, champions an alternative approach. He places effective leadership in the foreground, giving priority to the genuine needs of our community and building a better future for our kids. Through concrete accomplishments such as the introduction of practical ordinances, rebost public investments into our neighborhoods, and the implementation of effective crime prevention policies, Rudy aims to improve our community's welfare. In this journey, Rudy is prepared to enhance dialogue with all stakeholders, establish partnerships, and maintain positive relationships with his colleagues, all with the aim of delivering tangible results that our community deperately needs. 

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